Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coupon code for

Many of our visitors, who intend to buy Indian Jewelry, call us and ask for discount before they put items in their shopping cart. Generally, we don’t offer any discount for retail buyers, but we offer coupons codes which varies from 4% to 8% from time to time. Also they require a minimum order value to get activated.  These coupon codes are generated for the season according to the amount of business we do during that season. Most discount is given during the May/June months, because we are slow during those months and are trying to get more customers. During that period most of the people will be travelling to India and will try to buy dance jewelry from there thinking that it is going to be cheap there.

Well let us come to the point. Coupon codes – Ok, you can see our coupon codes in the website. Please click on the link and search for dance jewelry. You will see our website in their results. Click on it and scroll down to see the coupon code. It may  save you upto 8%. But remember there is always a minimum order value to activate the coupon.

You can always buy good quality dance jewelry at our secured website. No need to worry about shopping during your Indian vacation.
Thank you and happy shopping…

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  1. I used this coupon code and saved 8 dollars on a 210.00 dolra order. My shipping was almost free.
    Sindhu C