Friday, June 7, 2013

Temple Jewelry

Temple jewelry is the name given to certain kinds of traditional jewelry originating in southern India. Temple jewelry is strongly associated with classical forms of Indian dance that are often part of spiritual and devotional activities, especially the Bharatanatyam form of dance. For this reason, it's also called dance jewelry.
A true set of temple jewelry includes ten separate pieces — not only necklaces and bracelets but also earrings, ear chains, diadems, chains for the waist and most especially anklets. These anklets are known as gajjalu in some regions of India; they are a key feature of Bharatanatyam dance. Gajjalu are made from leather thongs or from twine, on which small bells are hung. As the wearer moves, the bells jingle. According to tradition, the more talented the dancer, the more sound would be heard from the bells.
Today, it's very easy to find beautiful temple jewelry that's perfect for many different occasions. Anyone who hopes to perform classical Indian dance properly needs a fine set of traditional dance jewelry. Temple jewelry is also the perfect adornment for more traditional occasions.

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